FG Unveils Initiative to Revive Agro-allied Industry

July 25, 2018


Kano used to be a powerhouse in textile production, leatherwork tanneries, and groundnut pyramids which became landmarks of the city. These have become a shadow of their past as the Agricultural sector took a backstage in the Nigerian economy.

This week, the Federal Government launched the Nigerian Agri-business and Agro-Industry Development Initiative (NAADI), a programme aimed at reviving these agro-allied industries and agricultural productions in Kano State. The programme is “intended to harness the enormous potentials inherent in the non-oil sector of the Nigerian economy and other opportunities that are capable of diversifying the revenue base of the country for the overall growth, development and prosperity of the society.” The priority areas of Agro-Industry namely, food and beverages, textiles and garment, leather and leather products as well as products inspection services.

This is no doubt a step in the right direction that could unleash the economic growth of one of the most populous Cities in Africa. The groundnut pyramids are probably coming up again. Following this week’s report are lessons from the Indonesian Agricultural Sector. Not only has the Nation surpassed Nigeria as the leading global producer of palm oil, it has emerged as a leading producer of Rubber, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Rice, Tropical spices, and also producing Cassava.

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