Netherlands To Support Nigeria On Increased Milk Production

September 25, 2018


The Deputy Ambassador and Head of the Netherlands Representation to Nigeria, Michel Deelen, has reaffirmed the Netherlands government’s commitment to supporting Nigeria in increasing its milk production and other dairy.

He also assured that the country will partner Nigeria to develop cattle farming model that will put an end to the incessant farmers/herdsmen clashes in the country.

Deelen made this known while speaking at a networking event for journalists in Lagos on a post Dutch Roots Conference recently organised by the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAD).

He said that the Netherlands is ready to support small and medium Nigerian farmers in increasing their food production especially farmers who are in dairy farming, stressing that they are going to be doing a study on how best to assist these Nigerian farmers.

Deelen also stated that the partnership was as a result of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the Netherlands in June to garner intelligence on successful cattle farming, stressing that issue on how to develop the process of rearing cattle without having to walk through other people’s farm was discussed then.

Speaking further, Deelen noted that if food can be produced for these cattle in one location there will be no need for the cattle to walk through other people’s farms to graze, adding that cattle basically undertake those long journeys because they are in need of food.

“This is something that is basically an international effort because you need to find the right animal food that grows in the country. If you can produce that food in one location, then there will be no need for the cattle to walk through other people’s farms to graze.

He applauded Audu Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture for his visit to Kenya to explore ways of producing cow feed in Nigeria, noting that The Netherlands will bring all kinds of experts to see how the model can be developed for farmers who have their cows on one location.

Speaking further he said that The Netherlands is also looking at the possibility of introducing the seeds improvement project to enhance the use of improved seeds by Nigerian farmers,” he said.

Deelen noted that his office had also decided to invite different agricultural experts from the Netherlands to train farmers in different parts of Nigeria to scale up food production.

He, however, said that plans are underway to encourage more young Nigerians in farming as well as increase exchanges between Nigerian farmers and their Dutch counterparts.

“We need to establish a better situation whereby Nigerian farmers are better informed on how best to have impact in boosting food production in Nigeria.”

He added that The Netherlands have basically invested around 35 million Euros on various aspects of Nigeria’s agricultural value chains which includes; company investments; technical training investments; exchange programmes investments and others.


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