Sony Electronics Getting into Agriculture

March 13, 2019


Sony is a brand name you associate with home electronics, but they have partnered with Syngenta to put Sony in your field. The collaboration has created a system that will allow farmers to use high resolution cameras on a drone to take detailed, high definition pictures of their fields and then interpret that data in a matter of minutes right on the spot.

Jack Brodshaug, with Syngenta Digital Ag, told HAT that a program from Sony called Quick Stitching is the key, “Within 10 minutes, you can take the images from the drone and stitch them together to get a complete look at your field.” This gives the farmer the ability to make on-the-spot decision based on the data collected. “In farming, timely decisions is key; and, with this system, you can make those decisions using data and do it while standing on the edge of the field,” said Brodshaug.

While in the field, there is no broadband connectivity needed. However, once the system is connected to the internet, it can upload the images to the cloud in Syngenta’s satellite imaging software, FarmShots™.

“We are pleased to be able to offer an end-to-end solution leveraging our compelling technology to meet the needs of the agriculture industry by increasing efficiency and productivity,” said Bruce Tanaka, general manager of new segment department, professional products & solutions group, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Inc. “We will continue to further enhance this solution by working closely with partners like Syngenta with their industry knowledge and experience, as well as end users.”

For the 2019 season, Syngenta will work with select retailers and agronomists to offer Sony’s new Smart Agriculture Solution. The targeted pilot program will enable daily crop management and monitoring activities through the precise capture, collection, and analysis of field data. “This offering furthers our ability to provide meaningful, implementable information to agronomists,” said Dan Burdett, global head of digital agriculture, Syngenta. “During this exciting time in digital agriculture, we remain focused on delivering value to growers and their trusted advisors by providing tools that will help them be successful. We are pleased to work with Sony, a global technology leader that shares our commitment to innovation, cross-industry collaboration and sustainability.”

Source: Hoosier Ag Today

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