Farmer decries high poultry production cost

April 4, 2019


A local poultry farmer, Joel Oduware, has decried the high cost incurred by local farmers in production and processing of poultry in the country.

Oduware, a member of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), attributed the high cost of bird feed to scarcity of grains in the country and the high cost of imported feeds.

“The major challenge being faced by poultry farmers across the country is the cost intensiveness of production. Also the cost of pullets (the chicks of layers) has posed some challenges to local poultry farmers this year.

“The high cost of production, low selling prices and low purchasing power are some of the challenges we face in the Nigerian poultry industry.

“Most of the grains we use for bird feed are harvested in the northern part of the country and then exported to neighbouring countries hence the cost intensiveness of bird feed,’’ he said.

Oduware said that cost of bird feed would crash if locally produced grains could be used to cater for indigenous farmers’ needs first, before the rest is exported.

“It does not make any sense that we do not have enough grains in the country, yet we export the little we harvested only to import at a higher cost later.

“When we are self-sufficient locally then we will think of exporting to the neighbouring countries.

“Apart from the poultry industry, a lot of some local industries are importing grains and yet we are producing enough grains, this should not be so,’’ Oduware said.

The expert said the industry had no challenges, adding that Nigeria had been rated number one egg producer in Africa.

Source: Voice Of Nigeria

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