COMMODITY MARKET REPORT(25th April-2nd May, 2019)

May 5, 2019

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The above result describes changes in the price of Beans, a staple food in Nigeria. Result indicates higher variance in the wholesale and retail price of Beans in Bodija Market, Oyo State as compared to key markets in other states. For better wholesale pricing, minimum price for white Beans can be gotten in Garuba Shade Market, Taraba State.


Result shows variance in price of maize in key places in Nigeria. Result indicates a consistent cheap Maize price in Taraba state (Garuba Shade Market) for the past two weeks. This is due to comparative advantage enjoyed such as cheap labour, conducive weather condition, suitable soil type etc. Other markets having relatively cheap prices include Gombe Main Market, Gombe State and Bodija Market, Oyo State. 



The above result indicates the average price of paddy Rice in Nigeria. This week, there was an increase in the wholesale price of Paddy rice as a result of the decrease in its availability. Prices are projected to increase during harvest season which will start soon. Lowest prices of Paddy Rice can be gotten from Kwaya Kusar, Borno State. 


Result shows consistency in Soybean price in most market in the States under consideration. However, it also indicates variances in Soybean prices in Bodija Market, Oyo State. For better pricing, minimum price can be gotten in Garuba Shade Market, Taraba State. 



Result shows the prices of Sorghum in Nigeria. Result indicates a relatively constant average price both wholesale and retail prices. Minimum prices were recorded in grain Market, Gombe State. 


Result shows the prices of Ginger in Nigeria. Ginger has proven to be more stable commodity on the exchange as prices have remained the same for a number of weeks. Minimum prices were recorded in Maraba Market, Kaduna State.



5TH MAY.  2019


Novus Agro Nigeria Commodity Index

AFEX commodities exchange limited

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