September 20, 2021

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As part of sterling bank aim to help in the development of the agricultural sector, an annual summit has always been put to place and it’s that time again this year, the Agriculture summit 2021 where lots of stakeholders, business partners, agricultural specialist all come together to deliberate on how to bring about development and improvement in the agricultural sector in Africa,

What is the Agriculture summit all about?

  1. A forum where business partners, stakeholders within the agricultural sector come together to deliberate on critical matters in agriculture. Key partners for the program include, Leadway Assurance, Saroafrica International limited, Agriculture and Finance consultants, AFEX etc. will all be present
  2. It’s a platform where trader in the sector meet together which can also be referred to as networking amongst traders in the agricultural sector.
  3. It is also an avenue to brand and re brand your agribusiness product, i.e. letting people know about the product of the agric sector you are involved.
  4. It is a means where key agricultural products of the bank are made known to everyone for Example SWAY-AgFin- Sterling Women and Youths Agric finance, SABEX, commodity trade financing product etc.
  5. To showcase the need for more people to participate in agriculture and the available benefits within the sector.

These and more will be done in the course of the summit.

Join us this year for the Agriculture Summit Africa.


Date: 22-23 September 2021

Venue- Log on Register

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