May 4, 2018

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A famous pop singer once sang a song titled “Green Land”. If you live in Nigeria, you’re sure to hear that song time and again – whether you’re in the bus or just trying to buy groceries in your local store; Once you hear the tune you’re immediately intoxicated with a feeling of Natural pride. But just how much are we all doing to preserve our “Green Land” especially with regards to Agriculture? Beyond preserving the land, what are we doing about preserving the morale of thousands (if not millions) of Farmers who water the ground with their sweat and harvest the crops we all consume when celebrating with our loved ones.

You may not find a Sterling Bank branch next to a farm but the bank’s heart is definitely somewhere in there. In recent times the Bank’s passion for the sector has been mirrored through it’s support for Agriculture and Agriculture enthusiasts. One of such efforts that comes to mind easily is the recent partnership with CBN for the Anchors Borrowers Scheme in August 2017. The lives of several families were touched as Sterling Bank provided loans for over 22,000 farmers in Kebbi state. Ironically this wasn’t the first time the bank will make such an investment but in more recent times, it has become even more evident that Sterling Bank is determined to keep Nigeria’s land “green” and fruitful. Speaking in a recent interview in which he discussed the Anchors Borrowers Scheme, the MD of Sterling Bank Abubakar Suleiman is quoted as saying “It is a huge intervention in food production and it is the one we are quite proud of” …Who wouldn’t be? Especially when you’re helping to shape and narrative that is slowly defining the success of the economy.

Truth is, it will take more than the effort of one Bank to preserve Nigeria’s Agricultural legacy. Every Nigeria has a part to play, whether you’re a consumer or part of the Agriculture value chain remember there’s a Bank that cares in making sure our land stays “Green”. Hit us up on 0700STERLING and find out how you can do business together and help to build Nigeria’s Agricultural sector.

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