May 8, 2019


Feedlot is an intensive beef cattle production system. It is an organized feeding of cattle with grains with the intent to rapidly gain weight and reach market size in a short time. It is a zero grazing system. A lot is a group of young bulls almost of the same age and sizes getting to the feeding pen at the same time and almost finishing at the same time. Practicing feedlot however has its set of protocols and operating procedures. Moreover, the lot could also be a single breed or breeds with similar characteristics.

Benefits includes:

  1. 1. It commercial beef cattle production system.
  2. 2. Profitability is the main objective
  3. 3. Repeated cycles for increased profit
  4. 4. High quality beef and premium cuts/steaks
  5. 5. Premium price
  6. 6. Beef slaughtered in high quality abattoirs
  7. 7. Sold in supermarket chains

Emerging Opportunities in Nigerian Feedlot Industry

  1. McKinsey Report summary (Beef Transformation Agenda, 2014)
  2. Meat Processing Concerns
  3. Supermarket chains
  4. Hospitality
  5. Improved Abattoirs
  6. Cold chain development
  7. Cold chain Transportation
  8. Meat Shops


There are a number of challenges facing the Feedlot business but if these are sorted out, raising livestock on feedlot will be much efficient and productive. These challenges include:

  1. Poor infrastructures – Roads, Power, water, cold chain etc.
  2. Pastoral nature of production limits access to good quality animals to facilitate large scale commercial production of meat.
  3. Weak linkage between pastoralists and commercial beef producers.
  4. Lack of credible data on livestock production, slaughter and marketing. There is an urgent need for a livestock census.
  5. Weak link between R & D and the value chain
  6. Insecurity in the livestock producing region of the country.
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